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Publications and Awards

Watershed Review

Pejovic's short story "Sea Glass" was published in the Spring 2024 issue of the Watershed Review.

Anodyne Magazine

Pejovic's poem "It's minus 50 in the world's coldest city" was published in Vol. 2 of Anodyne Magazine.

CALL Magazine

Pejovic's poem "coffee in the old city" was published in a weekly edition of CALL Magazine in Japan. The poem is available in Japanese translation by Yukari Kousaka. CALL offered a Japan-only physical print run, as well as online publication for international readers, available below.

Creation Magazine

Pejovic's poem "Silhouette" was published in Vol. 2 A Feminist Issue of Creation Mag.

Clepsydra Lit

Pejovic's poem "Pools' Twilight" was published in Issue 2: Deluge of Clepsydra Literary Magazine.

Tab Journal

Pejovic's review of They Rise Like a Wave: An Anthology of Asian American Women Poets has been published in Volume 10.6 of Tab Journal.

Bluepepper Poetry Journal

Pejovic's poems "Wild horse rights advocates say:" and "hit lock" have been published in Bluepepper.

note journal - Anon Press

Pejovic's short story "High Above Pain" (originally published in the inaugural edition of Ab Terra Sci Fi Flash Fiction), was translated into Japanese by Yukari Kousaka!

Maine Review

Pejovic's short story "Butter" was selected for publication in Issue 8.1 of the Maine Review.
Nominated for Best of the Net 2023

Rain Taxi Review

Pejovic reviewed the poetry book Hex & Howl.

Pomona Valley Review

Pejovic's poems core and lenity were selected for publication in the 15th edition of the Pomona Valley Review.

Calliope Magazine

Pejovic's poem "breakthrough" was published in Calliope Art & Literary Magazine's Fall 2021 issue.

Ouroboros Speculative Fiction Magazine

Pejovic's science fiction piece Good Morning, 12 was selected for publication in Issue 2 of Ouroboros Magazine.

Ab Terra Sci Fi Flash Fiction

Pejovic's piece High Above Pain was selected for the inaugural edition of the Ab Terra Flash Fiction magazine.

Calliope Magazine

Pejovic's poem "sunday morning between mission and pb" was published in Calliope Art & Literary Magazine's Fall 2020 issue.

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