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The Best Music Compilations to Promote Concentration

Everyone has a different style, and that includes the type of environment you like to write in. For those who like a little background noise, I curated my favorite collections of music that stimulate the brain in just the right way.

  1. Coffee Shop Ambiance. This video is 8 hours long and combines smooth jazz with rain noises. It's the perfect combo of comfortable and invigorating... Just don't get so distracted by the leaves falling outside the coffee shop window that you forget to write.

  2. Smooth Jazz. Listen. Everyone makes fun of me for always wanting to study to smooth jazz. It definitely does remind me of standing in an elevator, but it blends so nicely into the background! Don't knock it 'til you try it.

  3. Calming Nintendo Music. This is pretty whimsical. It feels like you're doing work while sitting in a giant castle. As an added bonus, you'll sometimes recognize the songs that are playing from your favorite video games.

  4. Happy Hawaiian Music. I would recommend this compilation of upbeat Hawaiian music for happy stories only. I don't think it would create the right aura for a dark tale. You can't help but be in a good mood once you listen to this!

  5. Finally: Animal Crossing Night Music. Yes, I would usually rather be playing Animal Crossing than using my brain. However, this playlist is really adorable and peaceful. It's very simple and doesn't require a lot of energy to get into.

These videos combined would almost take a full day to get through! I like to use music compilations as a way to inspire what I'm about to write. Let me know what you like best!

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