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  • Lydia Pejovic

FYI: Majoring in English is Marketable

I've been subjected many times to the spiel about the "uselessness" of an arts degree, especially my English degree. However, an English degree is much more important and marketable than STEM lovers make it out to be. (Sorry STEM people, you know I love you, too.)

Knowing how to communicate is an incredibly marketable skill. After working at three different corporations, I took away one key piece of knowledge: Many people do not know how to write grammatically correct emails. Emails to customers were often riddled with spelling errors and confusing language. I was often told that my writing was impressive and was asked to create PowerPoints and other presentation materials - all because I wrote well.

Also, an English degree can open you up to a multitude of career paths. You could be in HR, technical writing, marketing, sales, editing, copywriting, social media management, etc. You aren't limited to one career choice, which means it's feasible to change jobs throughout your life. You can also do a lot of freelance writing work. Being able to write well is a versatile skill, one which most people value.

I could list many reasons why English is important, but using communication skills and finding job opportunities are often the top concerns for most arts students. If you love writing, stick with it and don't give up on your craft. Steady careers aren't only for the engineers.

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