FYI: Majoring in English is Marketable

I've been subjected many times to the spiel about the "uselessness" of an arts degree, especially my English degree. However, an English degree is much more important and marketable than STEM lovers make it out to be. (Sorry STEM people, you know I love you, too.) Knowing how to communicate is an incredibly marketable skill. After working at three different corporations, I took away one key piece of knowledge: Many people do not know how to write grammatically correct emails.

3 Questions Every Writer Should Answer

There are many reasons why we write. For most writers, we have felt a calling, something that has pulled us to the pen, usually from early childhood. As writers, we must ask ourselves important questions to further connect ourselves to the craft. Who am I writing for? The question of audience is important for every piece we publish. It's important to have a general idea (for your entire body of work) of who your target audience is. More broadly, who do you want to inspire wit